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About Our School

To a White Marsh resident ready for an
amazing experience with martial arts,

Many years ago, I was like you. I hadn't thrown a kick or a punch. Martial arts seemed as foreign as the far eastern countries it came from. Yet, for some reason, I was drawn toward these arts. Something pulled me in.

Years later—after lots of intense training—I became a master in my art. But that wasn't enough for me. In the same way I was drawn to learn martial arts, I felt a calling to teach it and pass on its timeless lessons to our community.

Along the way, I learned how to give my students the best experience possible. Here's what you can expect when you walk through our doors:

The Best Instructors You'll Ever Encounter.
A great teacher is essential for a transforming experience. Our instructors are hand-picked for their passion, expertise, and for their desire to teach the profound lessons of martial arts to all who would listen.

They're eager to help you learn and grow. They'll push you to surpass your limits, challenge you to rise above challenges, and answer any and all questions you have along the way.

They're patient, knowledgeable, and there for you.

An Uplifting, Clean & Safe Environment.
Next, it's critical that our facility be clean, safe and a positive environment. After all, the best instructors can't make up for dirt, grime, broken equipment and an out-dated atmosphere. The entire studio is cleaned daily - and very rigorously too. We scrub the mats, sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the equipment and more.

When you walk in, you'll walk into a clean space that breathes support and positivity. And you'll instantly know that this is a place for reaching goals and achieving success.

Community is the last piece to the puzzle. Our teachers and our studio create an amazing ambience for men, women, and children to unite, support one another, gain powerful skills, and evolve. Students who have been here for a while always help out the newer ones. We do lots of exercises that involve partners so you can motivate and push each other to do your best.

It's not uncommon for entire families to be members here either - which adds even more to the sense of community and family.

So take your time browsing around our site. You can learn all about the classes we offer, and take advantage of one of our amazing online specials to make sure we're right for you. Each web special is 100% money back guaranteed, which means if you're not happy, you don't pay. We're just that confident in our school, and have no doubt you'll love it like so many others.

I can't wait for the opportunity to help you master the martial arts.

Will Harris

Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts have been taught to kids for literally thousands of years. The training builds the traits of discipline, focus, patience, and compassion. While compassion may be a surprising term when used with martial arts, it's important to understand that martial arts teach non-violence, diplomacy, and understanding.

Talking and understanding one another's viewpoints are seen as greater means to an end than violence. Violence is taught as the very last option a child should ever consider, and even then, only when it's important to defend oneself.

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Adult Martial Arts

Fast strikes to stun any opponent. Foolproof defense to protect yourself & your loved ones. And incredible, beginner-friendly fitness to get you in great shape, fast.

Get all of this in a fun, clean, supportive environment - every time you come. And because we place such importance on community, you'll experience a family-like camaraderie here too to keep you motivated, encouraged, and on track.

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Self Defense

Master great tactics in self-protection and get in shape quickly with our White Marsh self-defense program. No matter if you are a trained expert in martial arts or a complete beginner to combat in general who wishes to learn martial art techniques, our classes are suited for all ages, experience levels, and fitness levels too (you don’t have to be in great shape to get started!).

We conduct the most efficient self-defense classes in White Marsh. Each of our students love these classes because they are so much fun and stress-relieving too. Let us get you in shape and help you master self-defense while you punch and kick stress out of your life!

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